About Porotrader

Porotrader deals with distribution of branded goods to various geographic locations. This depends on the market that is being served and how the demand for the good is. The higher the demand the more the good will be distributed to that particular area. The company also has direct sales agents who resell the goods to various customers making physical contact with the customers unnecessary as the clients are saved the trouble of coming to the company to pick the goods themselves. Products are provided at the best price and can be shipped in bulk quantities.

About the Functioning

Porotrader works towards achieving customer satisfaction. Having majority of its staff relating directly to the customers through one on one meeting has an advantage of determining the needs of their customers. This one on one meeting helps the reseller to take key points on what the customer specifically wants. Unlike other companies, the prices of the services offered are not fixed rather they are negotiable depending on the specification of the client and the quantity of the work required. This helps saves both the client and the manufacturer any other cost that may be incurred in the correction of the work as all the expenses have been paid for when they met and agreed. Porotrader helps bring an image to the customers as some clients come to the company without any idea about what they exactly want. This improves the manufacturer’s reliability as the client can rely on the designer without fear of being disappointed.

Advantages of Ordering at Porotrader

Sales and Marketing expertise. As soon as the order is confirmed, the products are distributed in a swift manner at an agreed location. The distributors have experience on how to deal with their customers because they are well experienced at both sales and marketing and understand very well how best to sell to their customers. They take new products and promote them to their resellers in the most effective way of leading to the best sales results. There is a greater distribution channel without the need to have a physical appearance in the territory. The products reach a much wider consumer audience increasing sales. Manufacturers retain greater control over the distribution process.

Porotrader is Passionate at Work

Porotrader values its customers and aims at providing them with the best they can. The goods are provided at a fair price without compromising the quality. When the company has established a stable relationship with their customers, they can also agree and give goods to their customers on credit. This improves on the level of trust that exists between them. The distributors are also expected to work closely with the manufacturers in order to add product value through after sales care and client support services. The products reach a wider customer base. The manufacturers regain greater control over the distribution process.